Wonder Kelp


Reg. No. L2812 N-AR0926 Act No. of 36 of 1947
An organic seaweed concentrate and plantgrowth stimulant which can increase the number of flowers and the root and shoot masses of flowering and ornamental plants.


Kelp applied at plant-out can significantly improve the rate of establishment of young trees and seedlings.


Shake well before use. Use only as directed. Use as a supplement to normal fertilizer programs. Preferably apply in the early morning or late afternoon when plant leaves are most receptive.

Flowers, ornamental plants and vegetables:
Soil application : Add 25 ml KELP per litre of water and mix well Apply 200 ml of the mix around the plant base at or just after transplanting.

Foliar application : Add 10 ml of KELP per litre of water and mix well. Spray or pour over foliage of entire plant until leaves are wet. Repeat 3 – 5 times during the growing season at 2 – 3 weekly intervals.

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