Wonder Colourburst Rose Food


Reg. No. K3566 N-F0289 Act No. 36 of 1947
A Water Soluble Plant food formulated for the growing of beautiful roses. Colourburst Rose Food has been formulated specially for roses. It is clean and easy to apply. It provides most essential nutrients required to produce healthy plants with beautiful blooms.


  • A complete plant food with 10 essential nutrients.
  • For feeding plants throughout the year.
  • Ideal for feeding summer flowering herbaceous perennials and shrubs.
  • Produces top-quality blooms and greener leaves.

Size: 500 g


Use only as directed:

Dissolve 20 g (2 measuring spoons) in 10 l water and feed the plant once every 2weeks. 10 g measuring spoon enclosed.

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