Reg. No. L4069 N-AR0945 Act No. 36 of 1947
An emulsifiable concentrate contact and stomach insecticide for use on crops as indicated.


  • Low toxic synthetic pyrethroid, which is effective at very low levels.
  • Ideal general contact insecticide – controls a wide range of insects.
  • Safe to use on ornamental plants.
  • Low toxicity towards mammals.

Sizes: 50 ml | 1L
EFEKTO SKU: 34821 | 31360


Allow the following number of days between last application and harvesting or feeding/grazing (F).

  • Macadamias, Rooibos tea – 30 days
  • Citrus, Grapes – 28 days
  • Apples, Pears, Table Peaches, Plums, Maize, Sweetcorn – 14 days
  • Beans, Peas – 7 days
  • Tomatoes, Cruciferae – 4 days
  • Canning Peaches – 3 days


Active Ingredient:- Cypermethrin (Pyrethroid) 200 g/l (HARMFUL / SKADELIK)


Cypermethrin 200 EC may only be used if:

  • The harvest at the time of application of Cypermethrin 200 EC is free of scales (Red-, Purple-, Mussel- and Soft brown scale).
  • A preventive spray programme to control Red Scale and mealybug is used in the beginning of the following season; after a Cypermethrin 200 EC application.
  • Producers in regions with a mild climate are warned against the possibilities of a Redmite (Panonychus citri) flare-up when Cypermethrin 200 EC will be used for False codling moth control.


For more directions for the use of Cypermethrin 200 EC, please click here to download the

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