Comfort Backpack Sprayer 12 Lt

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The ergonomic Backpack Sprayer for large gardens, fruit trees and vines

The high-quality GARDENA Comfort Backpack Sprayer 12 l has a filling capacity of 12 litres and is especially suited for convenient distribution of liquids in larger quantities. It is therefore ideally suited for the care of plants in large house gardens, fruit trees and vines. The excellent carrying qualities of the Backpack Sprayer with its padded shoulder straps and back-sparing shape result in comfortable and stylish garden work. The telescopic spray lance with adjustable metal nozzle is practical and allows a large radius of use. Handling and use of the Comfort Backpack Sprayer are optimised by the integrated carrying handle, the large filling opening with filter and the spray lance holder. Practical - the Comfort Backpack Sprayer is suitable for left- and right-handed use.

Highest comfort

The ergonomically shaped container and the padded shoulder straps offer you highest comfort during long use of the Comfort Backpack Sprayer.

Telescopic metal spray lance

Thanks to the telescopic spray lance, the spray range can be varied. If required,
you can reach greater ranges and, e.g., fertilise hard-to-reach plants.

For left-handed and right-handed people

The Comfort Backpack Sprayer can be flexibly used by right- and left-handed people with just a simple adjustment of the shoulder strap.


Through the filter in the filling opening, no impurities can enter the container. The nozzles remain clean.

Technical Specifications

Article-No 884-20
EAN-Code 4078500088404

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