Wonder Shake 'n Grow Pink Hydrangea


Reg. No. K2379 N-F0015 Act No. 36 of 1947
WONDER Shake ‘n Grow Pink Hydrangea (42) Plantfood has been formulated to ensure vigorous growth and bright pink flowers.


  • A complete plant food with 10 essential nutrients.
  • Produces top-quality blooms and greener leaves.

Size: 500g SKU: 30409


167,0 g/kg N; 110,0 g/kg P; 144,0 g/kg K; 4 g/kg Fe; 0,4 g/kg Cu; 0,3 g/kg Zn; 0,85 g/kg Mn; 0,44 g/kg B; 0,01 g/kg Mo (NPK Analysis 17:11:14 (42))


Use only as directed:

During the growing season sprinkle Wonder Shake ‘n Grow Pink Hydrangea (42) Plantfood once every three weeks lightly onto the soil around the plants and then irrigate.

Very acid soil will cause flowers to be off-colour. The acidity of the soil should be corrected by application of agricultural lime prior to planting.

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