Wonder Super Phosphate + C (8)


Reg. No. B4048 Act No. 36 of 1947
High phosphorus fertiliser for stimulating root growth in lawns, seedlings, trees and shrubs.

  • Ideal for feeding root vegetables such as carrots, radish, turnips and beetroot.
  • Aids in enhancing root growth.
  • Assists seed germination.
Sizes: 2 kg | 5 kg | 10 kg


Store under roof. Do not exceed recommended rate. Water thoroughly after each application. Do not apply directly onto leaves and roots. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


50 g/kg P; 80 g/kg C

  • Fast acting and economical.
  • Vigorously growing plants.
  • Enhances root growth.
Why Bio-Carbon?
  • Bio-Carbon is a non-metal element and forms an important component of all living organisms.
  • Bio-Carbon maximises the utilization of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium in plants.
  • The addition of Bio-Carbon increases the availability of nutrients in plants.
  • Bio-Carbon increases water retention in soil.
  • Bio-Carbon combined with oxygen and hydrogen forms fatty acids that enhances the flavour of fruit and vegetables.

Use only as directed:

Soil preparation for the establishment of lawns, seedlings, trees & shrubs – Apply Wonder Super Phosphate + C (8) Bio-Carbon Boost Granular fertiliser evenly at 90 g/m&sup2, and work into full depth of loose soil (100 mm – 200 mm).

Planting of trees and shrubs – Mix 1500 g Wonder Super Phosphate + C (8) Bio-Carbon Boost Granular with the excavated soil 1m x 1m x 1m (1 m³) deep and 200 g for a hole 0,5m x 0,5m x 0,5m deep.

Application for established plants and lawns – Apply 90 g/m² Wonder Super Phosphate + C (8) Bio-Carbon Boost Granular.
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