Wonder Rose & Flower 8:1:5 (17) + C (8)


Reg. No. K8298 Act No. 36 of 1947
Specially developed granular fertiliser for feeding established garden roses, flowering plants and flowering shrubs and ornamentals. A balanced blend of nitrogen for healthy foliage development and potassium for quality bud formation and pest and disease resistance.


  • Enhances bud formation.
  • Sustained release of nitrogen.
  • Promotes vigorous flowering shrubs and ornamentals.
  • Enhances colour.

Sizes: 2 kg | 5 kg | 10 kg


  • Do not exceed recommended rate.
  • Water thorougly after each application.
  • Store under roof in a cool and dry area.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.


97 g/kg N; 12 g/kg P; 61 g/kg K; 80 g/kg C (NPK Analysis 8:1:5 (17))


  • Sustained release of Nitrogen.
  • Fast acting and economical.
  • Enhances bud formation.
  • Enhances colour.
  • Keeps the plant healthy.
  • Promotes vigorous green upper growth.
  • Vigorously growing plants.

Why Bio-Carbon?
Carbon is a non-metal element and forms an important component of all living organisms. Carbon maximizes the utilization of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in plants. The addition of carbon increases the availability of nutrients in plants. Carbon increases water retention in soil. Carbon combined with oxygen and hydrogen forms fatty acids that enhances the flavour of fruit and vegetables.


Home Garden Roses
Apply 50 g per big plant or 25 g per small plant in early spring and repeat every 4 weeks throughout the season.

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